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If you have purchased your dumpster via credit card and would like to cancel your order, Blue Sky Disposal reserves the right to charge 10% of your total cost and will refund the difference on your credit card.
You may change the date of the delivery at least 24 hours prior to the delivery. Please call customer service at 586-412-3762 to make changes to your order.
You may call the number displayed on the website. Emergency services are available based upon location. Extra charges will occur.
In order to reschedule or cancel your order, you must call at least 24 hours prior to the order delivery scheduled date. A trip charge will occur based on the location in addition to the cost of the dumpster.
If you have specific placement instructions we suggest that you be at the location when driver arrives at your property. If you are not able to be present the driver will use his best judgment based on your instructions and place the dumpster in the safest area. If you aren’t present at the time of delivery and aren’t satisfied with the placement of the dumpster, you may call customer service and ask for the Dumpster to be relocated. Relocation fees will apply.
You can click on Dumpster Types and review the dimensions for each Dumpster. If you are not certain with the size, please call our customer service for further assistance.
You have two options. You may call customer services and ask for the availability of Dumpsters for the same day or you can order online and you will be able to choose the available dates displayed on the calendar. Orders must be submitted one day in advance to allow for processing.
We strongly suggest that you call customer services for assistance to help you choose the right size for your specific need. You will be charged for an additional dumpster.
You must call customer services and ask to have the dumpster removed from the property. 24 hours notice is required.
If your dumpster exceeds the allowed limit quoted in your order, additional charges will occur. You will also receive a copy of the weight ticket which comes from state approved and certified scale.

Blue Sky Disposal is a 100% Michigan owned family Dumpster Rental Company based in the Suburban Metro Detroit area.

42815 Garfield Rd #202, MI 48038, USA

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